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Further restructure of codebase - moving datamodels into ndgUtils to allow reuse + create visualise and browse sub structures to better
organise related code. Separate out some inner classes into their own
modules to make more visible.

1from ndgUtils.models.utilities import wrapGetText
2class AccessControl:
4        ''' Handle the access control metadata and provide three attributes of the
5        access control: exists (existence), status (modified elsewhere for whether
6        user can access data), and html (a message about the constraints). '''
8        def __init__(self,e):
9                if e is None:
10                        self.status=1
11                        self.exist=0
12                        self.html=''
13                else:
14                        #for now assume everything with a simplecondition is deny
15                        self.html='Need Role: %s'%wrapGetText(e,'dgSecurityCondition/simpleCondition/attrauthRole')
16                        self.htmlLong=wrapGetText(e,'dgSecurityCondition/conditionExplanationText')
17                        sc='dgSecurityCondition/simpleCondition/'
18                        self.SimpleCondition=(wrapGetText(e,sc+'attrauthRole'),
19                                              wrapGetText(e,sc+'dgAttributeAuthority'))
20                        if self.SimpleCondition==('',''): self.SimpleCondition=None
21                        self.status=0
22                        self.exist=1
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