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1= Notes on design principles in the ows package =
3== Leightweight classes ==
5Some classes are slight extensions of types provided by python, such
6as ows.is19115_subset.LanguageString that has a lang attribute but is
7otherwise just a string.
9In these cases a new-style class is provided with a {{{__slots__}}}
10attribute to restrict it's size.  Such classes can often be substitued
11with a builtin python type as documented in the class.
13== Attribute sequences ==
15When the OWS UML or schema declares a sequence of objects it may be
16modelled as a single attribute by pluralising the attribute name.
17E.g. ows.data_identification.Identification.outputFormats.  In such
18cases a python sequence or iterable of the specified object is
20Note: ows.data_identification.Identification.metadata is pleural :-).
22In some cases it is more natural to use dictionaries than sequences of
23objects with name attributes.  In this case an attribute will be appended
24with the word "Dict", e.g. ows.operations_metadata.OperationMetadata.operationDict.
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