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1YUI 3.0.0 PR1
3This is a preview release of a subset of the components under development for YUI 3.0. 
4This is not production quality software.  It is an early distribution released so that
5the team can get some early feedback on the direction we are taking in the development
6of the next major revision to the library.
8The release includes the core components:
9     - YUI  (global object)
10     - Node
11     - Event
12The functionality provided by YUI’s 3.x Core had previously been covered in the
13YAHOO Global Object, Dom, and Event components in the 2.x releases.
15In addition, the following infrastructure components have been added:
16    - Base     
17    - Attribute
19The following list outlines the utilities that have been included in this release. 
20Many are enhanced versions migrated from the 2.x library.
21    - Animation
22    - Cookie
23    - Drag & Drop
24    - Get
25    - IO (formerly Connection Manager)
26    - JSON
27    - Queue (yielding utility making use of timeout chains)
29In addition, updated versions of the CSS components are also available
30    - CSS Base
31    - CSS Reset
32    - CSS Fonts
33    - CSS Grids
34These components are evolutions of the CSS foundation found in YUI 2.x.
36The YUI 3.x website is located at  You will find
37more detailed documentation of these components there as well as number of examples
38demonstrating their use.
40Please take some time to review the new design and experiment with these new libraries. 
41We want to hear your feedback.  A new developer forum has been initiated for discussions
42on YUI 3.  Please join us in the forum titled yui3  at to post
43any questions and review other developers' progress as they begin to explore the preview
44release.  Should you find bugs or have feature requests,  please add them to our bug
45repository on SourceForge following the standard bug-reporting procedure outlined at
46 .  Please remember to set the
47Group field in your bug report so that we can correctly review the item against the
48correct version of the sources.
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