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  • move to vers 0.8.2 for DEWS fix for M2Crypto DN parse bug fix

  • fix to element xmlSigCertPPhrase -> xmlSigCertPwd
  • added defaults for Credential Repository dynamic class load


  • use '_dews' tag for DEWS release

Tests/ test code for using urllib2 to enable config of a
HTTP proxy. Add to repository to keep as record. Not needed for current
security release.

  • added workaround for bug with M2Crypto.X509.X509.as_text() - it doesn't

parse emailAddress fields correctly leaving them with a slash attached to the
previous comma separated field. e.g.

C=SG, ST=Singapore, O=BMTAP Pte Ltd, OU=Environmental Development,…

  • fixed X500DN.deserialise so that long field names are accepted.
1# Configuration file for egg install
3# NERC Data Grid Project
5# P J Kershaw 15/03/06
7# Copyright (C) 2007 CCLRC & NERC
9# This software may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License,
10# version 1.0 or later.
12tag_build = _dews
13tag_svn_revision = true
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