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Revision 3195, 455 bytes checked in by pjkersha, 12 years ago (diff)

fixes to X509, XMLSecDoc, wsSecurity and sessionMgrClient unit tests - latter still to complete

security/python/ deleted as this code is no longer needed. Pylons code replaces it. The module that the unit test is based still exists.

security/python/ more detailed instructions

security/python/ repalce equivalent .sh bash script with python version

security/python/ extra comments and use unit test dir env var to ref all files to enable running from any dir

security/python/ part way through refactoring for changes as of the previous

security/python/ fix env var refs.

security/python/*: fixed for use with env vars

1# NERC Data Grid Project
3# P J Kershaw 13/12/06
5# Copyright (C) 2006 CCLRC & NERC
7# This software may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License,
8# version 1.0 or later.
10hostname = localhost
11port = 7000
12path = /Echo
13signingPriKeyFilePath = $NDGSEC_WSSESRV_UNITTEST_DIR/server.key
14signingPriKeyPwd = 
15signingCertFilePath = $NDGSEC_WSSESRV_UNITTEST_DIR/server.crt
16caCertFilePathList = $NDGSEC_WSSESRV_UNITTEST_DIR/ndg-test-ca.crt
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