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Improvements to MyProxy? Client unit tests - added certs and openssl config file to make test more autonomous.

[1858]1# NERC Data Grid Project
3# P J Kershaw 13/12/06
5# Copyright (C) 2006 CCLRC & NERC
7# This software may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License,
8# version 1.0 or later.
[3176]10propFilePath: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/myProxyProperties.xml
[2893]12# If a pass-phrase entry is commented out it will be prompted for from the
13# terminal.  To set a null password, leave the field in place but set to
14# blank
[3176]16username: testuser
17passphrase: testpassword
20ownerCertFile: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/user.crt
21ownerKeyFile: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/user.key
22ownerPassphrase: testpassword
[3176]25username: testuser
26passphrase: testpassword
27# Locations for output proxy cert and key files
28proxyCertFileOut: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/proxy.crt
29proxyKeyFileOut: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/proxy.key
[3176]32username: testuser
33ownerCertFile: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/proxy.crt
34ownerKeyFile: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/proxy.key
35ownerPassphrase: testpassword
[3176]38username: testuser
39ownerCertFile: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/proxy.crt
40ownerKeyFile: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/proxy.key
41passphrase: testpassword
42newPassphrase: testpassword2
43ownerPassphrase: testpassword
[3176]46username: testuser
47ownerCertFile: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/proxy.crt
48ownerKeyFile: $NDGSEC_MYPROXY_UNITTEST_DIR/proxy.key
49ownerPassphrase: testpassword
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