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General refactoring and updating of code, including:

Removal of refC14nKw and singnedInfoC14nKw keywords in wsssecurity session manager config
(the refC14nInclNS and signedInfoC14nInclNS keywords are sufficient);
Creation of new DOM signature handler class,, based on the wsSecurity
Abstraction of common code between and into new parent
class, BaseSignatureHandler?.py.
Fixing and extending use of properties in the SignatureHandler? code.
Fixing a few bugs with the original SignatureHandler? code.
Updating of test cases to new code/code structure.

1Unit tests for Attribute Authority Web Service Client
3The test client connects to two different test Attribute Authorities
4corresponding to the fictitious Service Providers Site "A" and Site "B".  Each
5has its own respective properties file.  The services require access to specific
6security settings so the following should be done, if not running as root:
8i) Set the NDGSEC_DIR environment variable set to a local dir
9ii) Copy /ndg/security/server/conf and /ndg/security/server/logs directories to this dir
10iii) Set the NDGSEC_AA_PROPFILEPATH environment variable to the file with the server config
11 - i.e. siteAAttAuthorityProperties.xml (the same env var should be used for the siteB config file)
13These services must be started before
14running the unit tests.  Start a terminal in this directory and run:
16$ python ./
18...and in a separate terminal:
20$ python ./
22Note however that the siteBServer is only needed for tests for getting mapped
23certificates: test7GetMappedAttCert and test8GetMappedAttCertStressTest
25Settings for the client to these services are configured with
26attAuthorityClientTest.cfg.  The default values should work as set - although these assume
27that tcpmon is running in the system - with local port = 4900 and server port = 5000.  NB,
28problems may occur due to proxy settings (Access Denied errors); no proxy should be specified for the ports used by
29the services - i.e. use:
31export no_proxy=localhost:5100,localhost:5000,localhost:4900
33Run the unit tests script from another terminal:
35$ python ./
37Tests can be run individually e.g.
39$ python ./ AttAuthorityClientTestCase.test1GetX509Cert
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