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Revision 2900, 1.5 KB checked in by pjkersha, 13 years ago (diff) added *.conf for conf/ openssl.conf file

  • Use RotatingFileHandler? from logging package to enable store of ACs issued to be limited. Properties file attCertFileLogCnt sets maximum number of files created before rotation.
  • newAttCertFilePath() is replaced by rotating file handler functionality
  • added logging with some debug messages - more needed to complete

  • renamed to userIsRegistered should return bool,,

  • filled in default values for most attributes to ease installation config tasks
  • attCertFilePfx and attCertFileSfx replaced with attCertFileName and attCertFileLog attributes for new AC logging. removed debug calls. This module may now be surplus because of Pylons framework and plans for Java and PHP clients. added coapec for testing fix formatting altered settings for tests exptd with log config. Eventually change to be harness for SOAP log interface

Makefile: use default python + added force target.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3    <name>Site A</name>
4    <portNum>5000</portNum>
5    <useSSL></useSSL> <!-- leave blank to use http -->
6    <sslCertFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/aa-cert.pem</sslCertFile>
7    <sslKeyFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/aa-key.pem</sslKeyFile>
8    <sslKeyPwd></sslKeyPwd>
9    <useSignatureHandler>Yes</useSignatureHandler> <!-- leave blank for no signature -->
10    <certFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/aa-cert.pem</certFile>
11    <keyFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/aa-key.pem</keyFile>
12    <keyPwd></keyPwd>
13    <caCertFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/cacert.pem</caCertFile>
14    <!--
15    Set the certificate used to verify the signature of messages from the
16    client.  This can usually be left blank since the client is expected to
17    include the cert with the signature in the inbound SOAP message
18    -->
19    <clntCertFile></clntCertFile>   
20    <attCertLifetime>28800</attCertLifetime>
21    <attCertNotBeforeOff>0</attCertNotBeforeOff>
22    <attCertFileName>ac.xml</attCertFileName>
23    <attCertFileLogCnt>16</attCertFileLogCnt>
24    <mapConfigFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/siteAMapConfig.xml</mapConfigFile>
25    <attCertDir>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/attCertLog</attCertDir>
26    <dnSeparator>/</dnSeparator>
27    <userRolesModFilePath>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR</userRolesModFilePath>
28    <userRolesModName>siteAUserRoles</userRolesModName>
29    <userRolesClassName>TestUserRoles</userRolesClassName>
30    <userRolesPropFile></userRolesPropFile>
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