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Preparing new DEWS 0.8.0 release - remove commented out code,,,,
update version to 0.8.0
reset default transport to http
default test settings for DEWS

  • updated for tests with SSL - sslCACertList keyword

  • test with SSL

  • include new SSL settings sslCACertList and sslCACertFilePathList

keywords / properties

  • removed transdict keyword
  • changed tranport attribute to _transport and transdict to _transdict

  • import httplib to enable catch for httplib.BadStatusLine? exception - this

is thrown when trying to connect with http to https service

  • include sslCACertFilePathList property
  • remove clntCertFilePath, clntPriKeyFilePath and clntPriKeyPwd properties -

no longer needed

  • new property caCertFilePathList enables setting of CA certs from file list
  • fix to HTTPSConnection class - set _postConnectionCheck attribute to

SSL.Checker.Checker default if not equivalent keyword was set

  • enable calls to Attribute Authorities to set CA list for peer cert

verification with SSL connections added new -t option to enable install of unit tests

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3    <name>Site A</name>
4    <portNum>5000</portNum>
5    <useSSL></useSSL> <!-- leave blank to use http -->
6    <sslCertFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/aa-cert.pem</sslCertFile>
7    <sslKeyFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/aa-key.pem</sslKeyFile>
8    <sslKeyPwd></sslKeyPwd>
9    <useSignatureHandler>Yes</useSignatureHandler> <!-- leave blank for no signature -->
10    <certFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/aa-cert.pem</certFile>
11    <keyFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/aa-key.pem</keyFile>
12    <keyPwd></keyPwd>
13    <caCertFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/cacert.pem</caCertFile>
14    <!--
15    Set the certificate used to verify the signature of messages from the
16    client.  This can usually be left blank since the client is expected to
17    include the cert with the signature in the inbound SOAP message
18    -->
19    <clntCertFile></clntCertFile>   
20    <attCertLifetime>28800</attCertLifetime>
21    <attCertNotBeforeOff>0</attCertNotBeforeOff>
22    <attCertFilePfx>ac-</attCertFilePfx>
23    <attCertFileSfx>.xml</attCertFileSfx>
24    <mapConfigFile>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR/siteAMapConfig.xml</mapConfigFile>
25    <attCertDir>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR</attCertDir>
26    <dnSeparator>/</dnSeparator>
27    <userRolesModFilePath>$NDGSEC_AA_UNITTEST_DIR</userRolesModFilePath>
28    <userRolesModName>siteAUserRoles</userRolesModName>
29    <userRolesClassName>TestUserRoles</userRolesClassName>
30    <userRolesPropFile></userRolesPropFile>
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