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Working Attribute Authority unit tests with WS-Security multiple CAs support. This will be needed for deployment of MyProxy? with Simple CA at partner sites.

Added CA cert and certs and keys for a *TEST* CA for use with unit tests. This CA is NOT for production use.

python/ include .crt certs in conf/ package data

python/ added sslCACertDir param. It enables M2Crypto SSL server side to pick up multiple CA certs for a dir.

python/ make new ca/ dir a package so that it's exported with egg package data.


  • alter WS-Security SOAP handler init to accept multiple CA certs.
  • load multiple CA certs from sslCACertDir key of SessionMgr/AttAuthority? instance


  • added new sslCACertDir elem
  • fixed caCertFile - only single elem required

python/ include TEST CA and certs and keys issued from it for use in unit tests. These are fro test only.

python/ test CA certs and key.

python/ fix description

python/ ditto + added NDGSEC_INT_DEBUG env var option

python/ fixed for new location of CA cert in ca/ sub-dir

python/ ensure ca/ dir gets included in egg package data

  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
1"""Attribute Authority SOAP client unit test package
3NERC Data Grid Project
5__author__ = "P J Kershaw"
6__date__ = "23/11/06"
7__copyright__ = "(C) 2007 STFC & NERC"
8__license__ = \
9"""This software may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public
10License, version 1.0 or later."""
11__contact__ = ""
12__revision__ = '$Id$'
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