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1.0.1 rc2

Added capability for Policy Information Point to query an Attribute Authority directly without a remote Session Manager intermediary to cache credentials. This is the use case for ESG based IdP connecting to NDG services.

[1701]2# Configuration file for egg install - allow setting of specific OpenSSL location
3# for M2Crypto build
5# NERC Data Grid Project
7# P J Kershaw 27/10/06
[4770]9# Copyright (C) 2009 Science and Technology Facilities Council
11# This software may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public License,
12# version 1.0 or later.
[2161]14include_dirs: /usr/local/include
15library_dirs: /usr/local/lib
[5227]18tag_build = rc2
[2251]19tag_svn_revision = true
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