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  • Big changes enabling modularised security from Discovery/Browse? Pylons code stack. Changes are for login only and don't include the Gatekeeper yet.
  • Updates to OpenID AuthKit? test code to enable kid templates.

  • include client in class for globals - needed for server/sslServer config settings for SSO Client BaseController?
  • read WS-Security settings using,

  • Give specific alias for kid templates to enable a separate security templates dir to ows_server

  • ditto to above
  • fix to URL input into base 64 encode - convert from unicode to regular string as otherwise b64 code will fail

  • Provide full path to sso.* imports so that controllers can be imported across into ows_server or any other pylons code stack.
  • LoginServiceQuery? -> SSOServiceQuery

  • got rid of login status info - it's confusing to the user

  • added tracefile option for ZSI SOAP i/o display

  • SSOMiddleware interface changed to enable reading direct from an existing config object as well as from file

  • fixes for full path import statements + correct g config attr settings

  • enable processing of logout response from a separate SSO Service - logout flag in URL arg tells base controller to delete the security details from the cookie. typo fix


  • enable kid template for OpenID signin

Tests/authtest/authtest/controllers/ test controller

  • enable initialisation from an existing config file object fix to imports fix for altered WSSecurityConfig interface

  • fix to HostCheck?.call - check for peerCert is None when peer tries http instead of https
1<html py:extends="'ndgPage.kid'" xmlns="" xmlns:py="">
2    <head>
3    <replace py:replace="pagehead()"/>
4    </head>
5    <body>
6    <div id="entirepage">
7        <div py:replace="header()"/>
8        <?python
9        id="contents"
10        if "ndgSec" in session: id="contentsRight"
11        ?>
12        <div id="${id}">
13            <div class="error" py:if="c.xml">
14            $c.xml
15            </div>
16            <pre py:if="c.doc is not None">
18            </pre>
19        </div>
20        <div py:replace="footer()"/>
21    </div>
22    </body>
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