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  • removed EasyInstall? and build sections
  • reinstated tag_build - set to '_dews' - and tag_svn_revision

  • removed socket import and added os
  • added M2Crypto SSL support - works with Python client unit tests (required setting SSL v2 and 3 support)

but problems with WebSphere? client,,,

  • added sslKeyPwd setting for properties

  • ensure cnHostPfx is reinitialised to if equal to None

  • added M2Crypto, ZSI and 4Suite to dependencies
  • revised dependency links to use NDG site, and ZSI sourceforge link taken

from pyGridWare settings. Latter won't work for PyXML but does work from command line ??

  • IMPORTANT FIX * - removed strip() from signed info digest calc - NOT needed and caused some problems

with verify.

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