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General refactoring and updating of code, including:

Removal of refC14nKw and singnedInfoC14nKw keywords in wsssecurity session manager config
(the refC14nInclNS and signedInfoC14nInclNS keywords are sufficient);
Creation of new DOM signature handler class,, based on the wsSecurity
Abstraction of common code between and into new parent
class, BaseSignatureHandler?.py.
Fixing and extending use of properties in the SignatureHandler? code.
Fixing a few bugs with the original SignatureHandler? code.
Updating of test cases to new code/code structure.

  • Property svn:keywords set to Id
[2954]1"""NDG Security common package - contains dependencies common to
2server and client packages
4NERC Data Grid Project
6__author__ = "P J Kershaw"
7__date__ = "27/10/06"
8__copyright__ = "(C) 2007 STFC & NERC"
9__contact__ = ""
10__license__ = \
11"""This software may be distributed under the terms of the Q Public
12License, version 1.0 or later."""
13__contact__ = ""
14__revision__ = "$Id$"
[2926]16# Enable from import * for client and server modules.
17# Leave out SQLObject because it's an optional module and requires
18# installation of SQLObject
[1718]19__all__ = [
[3892]20    'authz',
[2926]21    'AttAuthority',
[1718]22    'AttCert',
23    'CredWallet',
[2926]24    'm2CryptoSSLUtility',
25    'openssl',
[3892]26    'sessionCookie',
[2926]27    'SessionMgr',
[4129]28    'wssecurity',
[2926]29    'X509',
[3892]30    'XMLSec',
31    'zsi_utils'
[1718]32    ]
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