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AttAuthorityClientTest?.py: test harness for Attribute Authority WS client

SessionClientTest?.py: modifed to use pyunit

sessionMgr.wsdl, attAuthority.wsdl,,,,
added getPubKey WS method to allow client to retrieve the public key of the respective service.

mapConfig.xml: removed pubKey tag - use getPubKey WS instead.

sessionMgrProperties.xml: likewise removed sessMgrPubKeyURI tag. --session-mgr-pubkey-uri option -> --session-mgr-pubkey-file. again
because there is now a getPubKey() WS method. added PubKeyReq/PubKeyResp? classes for getPubKey() WS


  • smPubKeyURI -> smPubKeyFilePath
  • deleted convSMpubKeyURI2File() and replaced with getSessionMgrPubKey()
  • added sessID and encrSessMgrWSDLuri keywords reqAuthorisation() so that it can be used

from SessionMgr?.redirectAuthorisationReq.

  • added getPubKey() wrapper to WS method.

2nd SessionMgr?.

CredWallet?.py: working for mapped certificate handling

  • aaPubKeyFilePath - keep as local var - it imay change between WS calls.
  • Integrated getPubKey WS call into _reqAuthorisation() and getTrustedHostInfo().
  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
  • Property svn:keywords set to Author Date Id Revision
1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3    <trusted name="BODC">
4        <wsdl>bodcAttAuthorityURI</wsdl>
5        <role remote="aBODCrole" local="aLocalRole"/>
6    </trusted>
7    <trusted name="escience">
8        <wsdl>eScienceAttAuthorityURI</wsdl>
9        <role remote="anEScienceRole" local="anotherLocalRole"/>
10    </trusted>
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