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Revision 1176, 490 bytes checked in by pjkersha, 14 years ago (diff)

Changes to incoporate new getHostInfo Attribute Authority WS method.

Tests/ new unit test test method

Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: minor changes to test settings

dist/NDG-Security-0.68.tar.gz: new distribution

www/html/attAuthority.wsdl: updated WSDL contains getHostInfo method.

conf/mapConfig.xml: contains new tags for information about the service provider of the AA e.g. loginURI,
service provider name. This is used by the new getHostInfo WS method.

conf/attAuthorityProperties.xml: remove old commented out tags.

NDG/ added HostInfo?* classes for handling getHostInfo WS method I/O.

NDG/ and NDG/ updated inline with WSDL changes.


  • readMapConfig updated to include new 'thisHost' tags.
  • self.mapConfig dictionary re-ordered to include top level keys 'thisHost' and 'trustedHosts'
  • New hostInfo property

NDG/ trivial fixes to commenting

NDG/ simplify error message for "Invalid keywords set for update..." error


  • Client public key is now read in at the point where the corresponding pub key file path is set - i.e. in

setClntPubKeyFilePath method. This means the equivalent code in reqAuthorisation is not needed.

  • reqAuthorisation method has a new flag refreshAttCert. If set, the wallet is checked first for an existing

AC issued by the target AA. If found this is returned, and the call to the AA is skipped.

NDG/ added AttAuthorityClient?.getHostInfo WS wrapper method.

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
  • Property svn:keywords set to Author Date Id Revision
1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3        <thisHost name="BADC">
4            <wsdl>badcAttAuthorityURI</wsdl>
5            <loginURI>badcLoginPageURI</loginURI>
6        </thisHost>
7    <trusted name="BODC">
8            <wsdl>bodcAttAuthorityURI</wsdl>
9            <loginURI>bodcLoginPageURI</loginURI>
10                <role remote="aBODCrole" local="aLocalRole"/>
11    </trusted>
12    <trusted name="escience">
13            <wsdl>eScienceAttAuthorityURI</wsdl>
14                <role remote="anEScienceRole" local="anotherLocalRole"/>
15    </trusted>
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