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Revision 1236, 500 bytes checked in by pjkersha, 16 years ago (diff)

Tests/LogClientTest?.py: LogServer? WS client unit tests

Tests/LogTest?.py: Log unit tests added optional environment variable setting for security WS ports: NDG_CA_PORT_NUM,

share/ndg-sm, share/ndg-log, share/ndg-gk and share/ndg-ca: SysV init scripts for the Session Manager, NDG Log,
Gatekeeper and Simple CA WSs.

conf/gatekeeperProperties.xml: include basic settings

NDG/ interface for Log WS messages - not checked in previously (!)

bin/, bin/, bin/, bin/ and
bin/ all working with ability to fork a new process for the respective server. Debug code
allows error messages to be reported to a temp file if required - set logForkErr flag in the code to True.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3        <!-- Resource identifier e.g. a URI -->
4    <resrcID></resrcID>
5        <!-- Resource interface class -->
6    <resrcModFilePath></resrcModFilePath>
7    <resrcModName>TestGatekeeperResrc</resrcModName>
8    <resrcClassName>TestGatekeeperResrc</resrcClassName>
9    <resrcPropFile></resrcPropFile>
10        <!-- CA Certificate used in validation of Attribute Certificate XML -->
11        <caCertFilePath>$NDG_DIR/conf/certs/cacert.pem</caCertFilePath>
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