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Tests/SecurityClientTest?.py: get proxy cert from call to Session Manager WS connect call rather
than from a local file.

conf/myProxyProperties.xml: config file just for MyProxy? - contains settings copied from
sessionMgrProperties.xml. Isolate for use by new MyProxyAdmin?.py tool. Eventually MyProxy?
config settings may be removed and kept spearate from sessionMgrProperties.xml.

conf/gatekeeperProperties.xml: properties file for NDG Gatekeeper

bin/ new command line tool for MyProxy? administration. It enables new users
to be added from the command line of the host running MyProxy?. This may replace the current
Session Manager WS addUser method.

NDG/ Make sure sys.path is copied by content rather than reference in init

NDG/ added reposID var for recording of version from SVN.

NDG/ added readAccess, writeAccess and executeAccess methods.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3        <!-- Resource identifier e.g. a URI -->
4    <resrcID></resrcID>
5        <!-- Resource interface class -->
6    <resrcModFilePath></resrcModFilePath>
7    <resrcModName></resrcModName>
8    <resrcClassName></resrcClassName>
9    <resrcPropFile></resrcPropFile>
10        <!-- CA Certificate used in validation of Attribute Certificate XML
11        singature -->
12        <caCertFilePath></caCertFilePath>
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