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Working version with independent Policy Enforcement Point (Gatekeeper) + Polciy Decision Point for Pylons Browse code stack

python/ extra help info in message for login error

python/ mod to SignatureHandler? init due to change in WSSecurityConfig interface

python/Tests/authtest/authtest/lib/ missed out on last check in

python/ udpate to init following change to PDPInterface class for browse code

python/ PDPInterface takes cfg keyword which can be file path or a ConfigParser? object


  • fixes to XPath queries.
  • BrowsePDP now does some more of the work done previously by ows_server.models.ndgInterface.GateKeep and queries directly for role and AA values direct from the doc root
  • made fix to WS-Security settings - may be picked up from the same config file as the PDP settings

python/ allow generic cfg keyword for file path / config obj input

1import logging
3from authtest.lib.base import *
5log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
7class Test2Controller(BaseController):
9    def index(self):
10        # Return a rendered template
11        #   return render('/some/template.mako')
12        # or, Return a response
13        return render('signin')
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