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Tests/ enables test files to be loaded as part of a package

Tests/ converted into format for pyunit

Tests/ added test for signing

www/cgi-bin/ added pub/pri key args for encryption.

bin/ update to help text for --req-role option.

NDG/ fixed bug in valid ext AttCert? check except block.

NDG/ modified isValidTime() to allow exception to be raised in order to give info
about why the cert time is not valid.

NDG/ updateXML() - leave tags set to None.

NDG/ fixed bug in asString() - make sure a filePath has been set if libxml2Doc
is not initialised.


regular expressions to parse AttCerts?. The default using ElementTree adds in unwanted 'ns0'
namespaces to the digital signature elements. Also fixes to updateXML methods.


  • default mapFromTrustedHosts to None for reqAuthorisation() method. This tells wallet at

SessionMgr? to leave this flag setting as it is without modifying it.


  • reqAuthorisation() - check "if not mapFromTrustedHosts and not rtnExtAttCertList" was in

the wrong place. Moved it to BEFORE call to getAATrustedHostInfo().

(The file is empty)

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