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python/ role mapping entries are not necessary for <trusted> blocks in map config file - altered readMapConfig accordingly.

python/ fix to test8GetMappedAttCertStressTest - set signingCertChain to None in AttAuthorityClient? when not using proxy certs.

python/ try out GetMappedAttCertStressTest? with standard certs rather than proxy certs.

python/ fixed instructions for running tests.

python/ fixed typo self.debug -> log.debug.

1NDG Security Beta Development Version
4To install:
61) Get Egg setup tools installed if not already present. 
7$ python
92) Install NDG Security egg
10$ easy_install dist/<filename>.egg
12Nb. as precursor to the above you may need to set http_proxy if your site uses one:
13$ export http_proxy=http://your-site-proxy.somewhere
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