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Working unit tests for WSGI based Attribute Authority.

  • Altered so that all Attribute Config is picked up from the Paste ini file. Separate cfg or xml based config file is still supported.


  • Simplify unit test config for client.
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54 [ <a href="module-tree.html">Module Hierarchy</a>
55 | <a href="class-tree.html">Class Hierarchy</a> ]
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57<h1 class="epydoc">Module Hierarchy</h1>
58<ul class="nomargin-top">
59    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href="ndg-module.html">ndg</a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security ndg package for unit tests</em>
60    <ul>
61    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security namespace package for unit tests</em>
62    <ul>
63    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Client Package</em>
64    <ul>
65    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Gatekeeper client - client interface class to NDG Gatekeeper WS</em>    </li>
66    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Logging client - client interface class to NDG Logging WS</em>    </li>
67    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Client to NDG SimpleCA WS</em>    </li>
68    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Session client script - makes requests for authentication and
69        authorisation</em>    </li>
70    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
71    <ul>
72    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
73    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
74    <ul>
75    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
76    <ul>
77    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons environment configuration</em>    </li>
78    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons middleware initialization</em>    </li>
79    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Routes configuration</em>    </li>
80    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Security middleware - set-up configuration items</em>    </li>
81    </ul>
82    </li>
83    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
84    <ul>
85    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
86    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
87    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
88    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
89    </ul>
90    </li>
91    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
92    <ul>
93    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">The application's Globals object</em>    </li>
94    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">The base Controller API</em>    </li>
95    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Helper functions</em>    </li>
96    </ul>
97    </li>
98    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
99    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
100    <ul>
101    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
102    <ul>
103    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
104    </ul>
105    </li>
106    </ul>
107    </li>
108    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons application test package</em>
109    <ul>
110    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
111    <ul>
112    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
113    </ul>
114    </li>
115    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
116    </ul>
117    </li>
118    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Setup the ssoclient application</em>    </li>
119    </ul>
120    </li>
121    </ul>
122    </li>
123    </ul>
124    </li>
125    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security common package - contains dependencies common to
126        server and client packages</em>
127    <ul>
128    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Attribute Authority client - client interface classes
129        to the Attribute Authority.</em>
130    <ul>
131    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
132    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
133    </ul>
134    </li>
135    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Certificate (Authorisation -or Access- Token)</em>    </li>
136    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Credentials Wallet</em>    </li>
137    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">SQLObject Object Relational Mapper database interface for NDG
138        Security CredentialRepository</em>    </li>
139    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security CGI Interface between Service Providers and Identiy
140        Providers</em>    </li>
141    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security client - client interface classes to Session Manager</em>
142    <ul>
143    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
144    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
145    </ul>
146    </li>
147    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">X.509 certificate handling class encapsulates M2Crypto.X509</em>    </li>
148    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG XML Security - Encryption and Digital Signature</em>    </li>
149    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security authorisatino package - contains code for Gatekeeper
150        (PEP) and authorisation interfaces (PDP)</em>
151    <ul>
152    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Policy Decision Point Package - contains abstract interface to
153        PEP</em>
154    <ul>
155    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Policy Decision Point for NDG Browse - access constraints for a
156        resource are determined from MOLES access constraints in the data.</em>    </li>
157    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Policy Decision Point for BADC datasets secured with Proftp
158        .ftpaccess files</em>    </li>
159    </ul>
160    </li>
161    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Gatekeeper - A PEP (Policy Enforcement Point) enforces
162        authorisation decision made by a PDP (Policy Decision Point)</em>    </li>
163    </ul>
164    </li>
165    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Certificate Authority client - client interface
166        classes to the Certificate Authority.</em>
167    <ul>
168    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
169    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
170    </ul>
171    </li>
172    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Gatekeeper - A PDP (Policy Decision Point) determines whether a
173        given Attribute Certificate can access a given resource.</em>    </li>
174    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security log common package</em>
175    <ul>
176    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
177    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Logging Web service server side interface.</em>    </li>
178    </ul>
179    </li>
180    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Extend M2Crypto SSL functionality for cert verification and custom
181        timeout settings.</em>    </li>
182    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">OpenSSL utilities module - contains OpenSSLConfig class for parsing
183        OpenSSL configuration files</em>    </li>
184    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
185    <ul>
186    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Utilities for transfor of credentials over login service</em>    </li>
187    </ul>
188    </li>
189    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Implementation of SAML 1.1 Attribute Assertion for NDG Security</em>    </li>
190    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Session Cookie used by Session Manager UserSession and Login
191        Service CGI code.</em>    </li>
192    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
193    <ul>
194    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Generic parsers to use when reading in configuration data...</em>    </li>
195    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Generic parsers to use when reading in configuration data...</em>    </li>
196    </ul>
197    </li>
198    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security wssecurity package - contains signature handler and
199        config</em>
200    <ul>
201    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Base class for the WS-Security digital signature handlers - to
202        allow sharing of common code</em>    </li>
203    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">DOM based WS-Security digital signature handler</em>    </li>
204    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">WS-Security digital signature handler for ElementTree XML package</em>    </li>
205    </ul>
206    </li>
207    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">XML Security package contains ElementTree implementation in etree
208        module</em>
209    <ul>
210    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">XML Security DOM implementation</em>    </li>
211    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">XML Security ElementTree implementation</em>    </li>
212    </ul>
213    </li>
214    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
215    <ul>
216    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">ZSI ElementTree ElementProxy class an interface to ZSI's
217        ElementProxy</em>    </li>
218    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Replacement for httplib.HTTPConnection to enable ZSI clients to
219        reach remote services through a local HTTP Proxy</em>    </li>
220    </ul>
221    </li>
222    </ul>
223    </li>
224    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security server package</em>
225    <ul>
226    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority server side code</em>
227    <ul>
228    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
229    </ul>
230    </li>
231    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Logging class</em>    </li>
232    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security server side session management and security includes
233        UserSession and SessionMgr classes.</em>
234    <ul>
235    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
236    </ul>
237    </li>
238    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include authentication service directory into distribution -
239        contains various implementations of the authentication service used
240        by SessionMgr</em>
241    <ul>
242    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">MyProxy Client interface</em>    </li>
243    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">MyProxy Client interface - extending the SessionMgr
244        abstractAuthNService interface - to allow use with SessionMgr</em>    </li>
245    </ul>
246    </li>
247    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security CA server side code</em>
248    <ul>
249    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
250    </ul>
251    </li>
252    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include configuration directory into distribution - contains
253        Twisted *.tac files and config files for services.</em>
254    <ul>
255    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">attCertLog directory temp repository</em>    </li>
256    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include certs/ directory in distribution</em>
257    <ul>
258    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include certs/ca directory in distribution.</em>    </li>
259    </ul>
260    </li>
261    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority User Roles class - acts as an interface
262        between the data centre's user roles configuration and the
263        Attribute Authority</em>    </li>
264    </ul>
265    </li>
266    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security - initialisation script for MySQL Credential
267        Repository database</em>    </li>
268    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include log directory into distribution.</em>    </li>
269    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
270    <ul>
271    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
272    <ul>
273    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
274    <ul>
275    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons environment configuration</em>    </li>
276    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons middleware initialization</em>    </li>
277    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Routes configuration</em>    </li>
278    </ul>
279    </li>
280    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
281    <ul>
282    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
283    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
284    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
285    </ul>
286    </li>
287    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
288    <ul>
289    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">The application's Globals object</em>    </li>
290    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">The base Controller API</em>    </li>
291    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Helper functions</em>    </li>
292    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security OpenID Provider Pylons utilities</em>    </li>
293    </ul>
294    </li>
295    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
296    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
297    <ul>
298    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
299    <ul>
300    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
301    </ul>
302    </li>
303    </ul>
304    </li>
305    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
306    <ul>
307    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
308    <ul>
309    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
310    </ul>
311    </li>
312    </ul>
313    </li>
314    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons application test package</em>
315    <ul>
316    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
317    <ul>
318    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
319    </ul>
320    </li>
321    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
322    </ul>
323    </li>
324    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Setup the container application</em>    </li>
325    </ul>
326    </li>
327    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
328    </ul>
329    </li>
330    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include e.g.</em>    </li>
331    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
332    <ul>
333    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
334    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
335    <ul>
336    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
337    <ul>
338    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons environment configuration</em>    </li>
339    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons middleware initialization</em>    </li>
340    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Routes configuration</em>    </li>
341    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Security middleware - set-up configuration items</em>    </li>
342    </ul>
343    </li>
344    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
345    <ul>
346    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
347    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
348    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
349    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
350    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
351    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
352    </ul>
353    </li>
354    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
355    <ul>
356    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">The application's Globals object</em>    </li>
357    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">The base Controller API</em>    </li>
358    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Helper functions</em>    </li>
359    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
360    </ul>
361    </li>
362    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
363    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
364    <ul>
365    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
366    <ul>
367    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
368    </ul>
369    </li>
370    </ul>
371    </li>
372    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Pylons application test package</em>
373    <ul>
374    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
375    <ul>
376    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
377    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
378    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
379    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
380    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
381    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
382    </ul>
383    </li>
384    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
385    </ul>
386    </li>
387    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Setup the sso application</em>    </li>
388    </ul>
389    </li>
390    </ul>
391    </li>
392    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">WS-Security digital signature handler for Twisted framework</em>    </li>
393    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
394    <ul>
395    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security OpenID Provider Middleware</em>    </li>
396    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security SOAP Service Middleware</em>    </li>
397    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">WSGI Middleware for WS-Security</em>    </li>
398    </ul>
399    </li>
400    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
401    <ul>
402    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
403    </ul>
404    </li>
405    </ul>
406    </li>
407    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Unit test package</em>
408    <ul>
409    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security logging service unit test package</em>
410    <ul>
411    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Logging class test harness</em>    </li>
412    </ul>
413    </li>
414    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Attribute Certificate unit test package</em>
415    <ul>
416    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG X509 Module unit tests</em>    </li>
417    </ul>
418    </li>
419    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security XMLSecDoc unit test package</em>
420    <ul>
421    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG XML Security unit tests</em>    </li>
422    </ul>
423    </li>
424    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Attribute Authority SOAP client unit test package</em>
425    <ul>
426    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority SOAP client unit tests</em>    </li>
427    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include attCertLog/ directory temp repository in Attribute
428        Authority unit tests package</em>    </li>
429    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Attribute Authority SOAP client unit test package - ca
430        directory for storing CA cert.s used in SSL connections</em>    </li>
431    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Site 'A' Attribute Authority server start-up script for unit test -
432        replaces former bash script</em>    </li>
433    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority User Roles class - acts as an interface
434        between the data centre's user roles configuration and the
435        Attribute Authority</em>    </li>
436    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Site 'B' Attribute Authority server start-up script for unit test -
437        replaces former bash script</em>    </li>
438    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority User Roles class - acts as an interface
439        between the data centre's user roles configuration and the
440        Attribute Authority</em>    </li>
441    </ul>
442    </li>
443    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Attribute Certificate unit test package</em>
444    <ul>
445    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG AttCert class unit tests</em>    </li>
446    </ul>
447    </li>
448    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include authentication service directory into distribution -
449        contains various test implementations of the authentication service
450        used by SessionMgr</em>
451    <ul>
452    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Abstract proxy class - to act as an 'interface' to use for proxy
453        clients</em>    </li>
454    </ul>
455    </li>
456    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
457    <ul>
458    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
459    <ul>
460    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Session Manager - makes requests for
461        authentication and authorisation.</em>    </li>
462    </ul>
463    </li>
464    </ul>
465    </li>
466    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Certificate Authority unit test package</em>
467    <ul>
468    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Certificate Authority client - makes requests
469        for issue and revocation of certificates.</em>    </li>
470    </ul>
471    </li>
472    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security MyProxy client unit test package</em>
473    <ul>
474    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG MyProxy client unit tests</em>    </li>
475    </ul>
476    </li>
477    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Suite to wrapper all granulator test cases</em>    </li>
478    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security SAML unit test package for ElementTree based SAML
479        Attribute Assertion implementation</em>    </li>
480    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security SessionCookie Unit test package</em>
481    <ul>
482    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Session Cookie</em>    </li>
483    </ul>
484    </li>
485    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Session Manager unit test package</em>
486    <ul>
487    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Session Manager unit test package - ca directory for
488        storing CA cert.s used in SSL connections</em>    </li>
489    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Session Manager - makes requests for
490        authentication and authorisation.</em>    </li>
491    </ul>
492    </li>
493    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Session Manager SOAP Client unit test package</em>
494    <ul>
495    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Session Manager client - makes requests for
496        authentication and authorisation.</em>    </li>
497    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Session Manager SOAP client unit test package - ca
498        directory for storing CA cert.s used in SSL connections</em>    </li>
499    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Server start-up script for test Session Manager - replaces former
500        bash script</em>    </li>
501    </ul>
502    </li>
503    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security WS-Security unit test package</em>
504    <ul>
505    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security WS-Security unit test - client stubs package</em>
506    <ul>
507    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
508    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
509    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
510    </ul>
511    </li>
512    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security WS-Security unit test - server stubs package</em>
513    <ul>
514    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
515    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
516    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
517    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
518    </ul>
519    </li>
520    </ul>
521    </li>
522    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security xmlsec unit test package for ElementTree and DOM based
523        implementations</em>
524    <ul>
525    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security xmlsec unit test package for DOM based implementation.</em>    </li>
526    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>
527    <ul>
528    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
529    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG XML Security unit tests for ElementTree based implementation</em>    </li>
530    </ul>
531    </li>
532    </ul>
533    </li>
534    </ul>
535    </li>
536    </ul>
537    </li>
538    </ul>
539    </li>
540    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security namespace package for unit tests</em>    </li>
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