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NDG Security release updated to 0.8.7. Changes in this version enable full support for multiple CAs and use of MyProxy? SimpleCA dynamically created cert.s. These differ from previous use of MyProxy? in that they are issued directly from a CA instead of a user cert held in the repository.,,,,, updated NDG Security release num, SessionCookie? class not used. Pylons framework handles this. renamed package from SessionCookie?

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54 [ <a href="module-tree.html">Module Hierarchy</a>
55 | <a href="class-tree.html">Class Hierarchy</a> ]
56</b></center><br />
57<h1 class="epydoc">Module Hierarchy</h1>
58<ul class="nomargin-top">
59    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href="ndg-module.html">ndg</a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security ndg package for unit tests</em>
60    <ul>
61    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security namespace package for unit tests</em>
62    <ul>
63    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Client Package</em>    </li>
64    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security common package - contains dependencies common to
65        server and client packages</em>
66    <ul>
67    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Attribute Authority client - client interface
68        classes to the Attribute Authority.</em>
69    <ul>
70    <li class="private"> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
71    <li class="private"> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
72    </ul>
73    </li>
74    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Certificate (Authorisation -or Access- Token)</em>    </li>
75    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Credentials Wallet</em>    </li>
76    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Session Cookie used by Session Manager UserSession and Login
77        Service CGI code.</em>    </li>
78    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security client - client interface classes to Session
79        Manager</em>
80    <ul>
81    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
82    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
83    </ul>
84    </li>
85    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">X.509 certificate handling class encapsulates M2Crypto.X509</em>    </li>
86    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG XML Security - Encryption and Digital Signature</em>    </li>
87    <li class="private"> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Certificate Authority client - client interface
88        classes to the Certificate Authority.</em>
89    <ul class="private">
90    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
91    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
92    </ul>
93    </li>
94    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Gatekeeper - A PDP (Policy Decision Point) determines
95        whether a given Attribute Certificate can access a given
96        resource.</em>    </li>
97    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security log common package</em>
98    <ul>
99    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
100    </ul>
101    </li>
102    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Extend M2Crypto SSL functionality for cert verification and
103        custom timeout settings.</em>    </li>
104    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">OpenSSL utilities module - contains OpenSSLConfig class for
105        parsing OpenSSL configuration files</em>    </li>
106    <li class="private"> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Session Cookie used by Session Manager UserSession and Login
107        Service CGI code.</em>    </li>
108    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">WS-Security test class includes digital signature handler</em>    </li>
109    </ul>
110    </li>
111    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security server package</em>
112    <ul>
113    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority server side code</em>
114    <ul>
115    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
116    </ul>
117    </li>
118    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Logging class</em>    </li>
119    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">MyProxy Client interface</em>    </li>
120    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security server side session management and security
121        includes UserSession and SessionMgr classes.</em>
122    <ul>
123    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
124    </ul>
125    </li>
126    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security CA server side code
128- acts as a wrapper to Globus SimpleCA.</em>
129    <ul>
130    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
131    </ul>
132    </li>
133    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include configuration directory into distribution - contains
134        Twisted *.tac files and config files for services.</em>
135    <ul>
136    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">attCertLog directory temp repository</em>    </li>
137    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include certs/ directory in distribution</em>
138    <ul>
139    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include certs/ca directory in distribution.</em>    </li>
140    </ul>
141    </li>
142    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority User Roles class - acts as an interface
143        between the data centre's user roles configuration and the
144        Attribute Authority</em>    </li>
145    </ul>
146    </li>
147    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include log directory into distribution.</em>    </li>
148    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include e.g.</em>    </li>
149    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">WS-Security digital signature handler for Twisted framework</em>    </li>
150    </ul>
151    </li>
152    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Unit test package</em>
153    <ul>
154    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security logging service unit test package</em>    </li>
155    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Attribute Certificate unit test package</em>
156    <ul>
157    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG X509 Module unit tests</em>    </li>
158    </ul>
159    </li>
160    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security XMLSecDoc unit test package</em>
161    <ul>
162    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG XML Security unit tests</em>    </li>
163    </ul>
164    </li>
165    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Attribute Authority SOAP client unit test package</em>
166    <ul>
167    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority SOAP client unit tests</em>    </li>
168    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Include attCertLog/ directory temp repository in Attribute
169        Authority unit tests package</em>    </li>
170    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Attribute Authority SOAP client unit test package -
171        ca directory for storing CA cert.s used in SSL connections</em>    </li>
172    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority User Roles class - acts as an interface
173        between the data centre's user roles configuration and the
174        Attribute Authority</em>    </li>
175    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Attribute Authority User Roles class - acts as an interface
176        between the data centre's user roles configuration and the
177        Attribute Authority</em>    </li>
178    </ul>
179    </li>
180    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Attribute Certificate unit test package</em>
181    <ul>
182    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG AttCert class unit tests</em>    </li>
183    </ul>
184    </li>
185    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Certificate Authority unit test package</em>
186    <ul>
187    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Certificate Authority client - makes
188        requests for issue and revocation of certificates.</em>    </li>
189    </ul>
190    </li>
191    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Gatekeeper unit test package</em>    </li>
192    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security MyProxy client unit test package</em>
193    <ul>
194    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG MyProxy client unit tests</em>    </li>
195    </ul>
196    </li>
197    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security SessionCookie Unit test package</em>
198    <ul>
199    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Session Cookie</em>    </li>
200    </ul>
201    </li>
202    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Session Manager unit test package</em>
203    <ul>
204    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Session Manager unit test package - ca directory
205        for storing CA cert.s used in SSL connections</em>    </li>
206    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Session Manager - makes requests for
207        authentication and authorisation.</em>    </li>
208    </ul>
209    </li>
210    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Session Manager SOAP Client unit test package</em>
211    <ul>
212    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">Test harness for NDG Session Manager client - makes requests for
213        authentication and authorisation.</em>    </li>
214    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security Session Manager SOAP client unit test package - ca
215        directory for storing CA cert.s used in SSL connections</em>    </li>
216    </ul>
217    </li>
218    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security WS-Security unit test package</em>
219    <ul>
220    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security WS-Security unit test - client stubs package</em>
221    <ul>
222    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
223    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
224    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
225    </ul>
226    </li>
227    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>: <em class="summary">NDG Security WS-Security unit test - server stubs package</em>
228    <ul>
229    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
230    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
231    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
232    <li> <strong class="uidlink"><a href=""></a></strong>    </li>
233    </ul>
234    </li>
235    </ul>
236    </li>
237    </ul>
238    </li>
239    </ul>
240    </li>
241    </ul>
242    </li>
244<!-- ==================== NAVIGATION BAR ==================== -->
245<table class="navbar" border="0" width="100%" cellpadding="0"
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254          >&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Trees&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</th>
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267          <tr><th class="navbar" align="center"
268            >NDG Security</th>
269          </tr></table></th>
270  </tr>
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