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2.2.0 Release Candidate

  • Includes paster templates for OpenID Provider, SAML Attribute and Authorisation Services and generic templates for securing a WSGI application and for running a complete set of the security services.
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1#!/usr/bin/env python
2"""Distribution Utilities setup program for NDG Security Package
4NERC Data Grid Project
6__author__ = "P J Kershaw"
7__date__ = "24/04/06"
8__copyright__ = "(C) 2009 Science and Technology Facilities Council"
9__license__ = "BSD - see LICENSE file in top-level directory"
10__contact__ = ""
11__revision__ = '$ 4746 2009-01-06 08:25:37Z pjkersha $'
13# Bootstrap setuptools if necessary.
14from ez_setup import use_setuptools
17from setuptools import setup, find_packages
19import os
21_longDescription = """\
22NDG Security is the security system for the UK Natural Environment Research
23Council funded NERC DataGrid.  NDG Security has been developed to
24provide users with seamless federated access to secured resources across NDG
25participating organisations whilst at the same time providing an underlying
26system which is easy to deploy around organisation's pre-existing systems.
28Over the past two years the system has been developed in collaboration with the
29US DoE funded Earth System Grid project for the ESG Federation an infrastructure
30under development in support of CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project
31Phase 5), a framework for a co-ordinated set of climate model experiments
32which will input into the forthcoming 5th IPCC Assessment Report.
34NDG and ESG use a common access control architecture.  OpenID and MyProxy are
35used to support single sign on for browser based and HTTP rich client based
36applications respectively.  SAML is used for attribute query and authorisation
37decision interfaces.  XACML is used as the policy engine.  NDG Security has been
38re-engineered to use a filter based architecture based on WSGI enabling other
39Python WSGI based applications to be protected in a flexible manner without the
40need to modify application code.
43    name =                      'ndg_security',
44    version =                   '2.2.0',
45    description =               'NERC DataGrid Security Utilities',
46    long_description =          _longDescription,
47    author =                    'Philip Kershaw',
48    author_email =              '',
49    maintainer =                'Philip Kershaw',
50    maintainer_email =          '',
51    url =                   '',
52    install_requires =      ['ndg_security_client', 'ndg_security_server'],
53    dependency_links =      [""],
54    zip_safe = False
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