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1yuiloader - Release Notes
4   * NOTE: the API in this release has changed significantly.  Existing implementations
5     will need to be modified in order to use the new version.
6   * yuiloader now includes the yahoo and get components.  This removes the timing
7     problems in the previous versions that forced one to use YAHOO_config or include
8     yahoo.js on the page before yuiloader.
9   * No longer uses YAHOO_config for loading, you must use YAHOO.util.YUILoader
10   * Interacting with YAHOO.register or supplying a verifier function is no longer
11     required to load non-YUI resources.
12   * Supports script sandboxing.  Does not support x-domain sandboxing at this time
13   * removed verifier property, added varName property which is only needed when
14     using external scripts and the application needs to support Safari 2.x.
15   * YUI metadata updates:
16       * Added 'base', 'reset-fonts', 'get', 'json', 'simpleeditor', 'charts, and 'selector'
17       * button and history are no longer beta components.
18       * imageloader promoted from experimental to beta.
21   * The "skin.overrides" property is now applied correctly.  Previously
22     it was looking for "skin.override".
25   * Initial release
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