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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
0.9.2_dev_r3994 4915   11 years pjkersha Make a copy as reference against the eggs Mike has installed at PML.
ndg-security-1.3.4 6212   10 years pjkersha Tests/ is not part of the release
omii-uk-0.8.7-M1 3213   12 years pjkersha OMII-UK first release - release is based on the Installation Guide
rel0-1 641   14 years pjkersha
rel0-2 643   14 years pjkersha
rel0-3 644   14 years pjkersha
stable-TI12-security-v0.4 646   14 years pjkersha Java component not needed in release.
stable-TI12-security-v0.5 666   14 years pjkersha Not part of release.
stable-TI12-security-v0.51 670   14 years pjkersha Minor updates for csession cookie domain handling + new …
stable-TI12-security-v0.60 676   14 years pjkersha Updated version for use with mapped certificates.
stable-TI12-security-v0.61 753   14 years pjkersha Working version with full encryption and mapped cert capability.
stable-TI12-security-v0.62 786   14 years pjkersha Minor fixes following installation at CEH and PML.
stable-TI12-security-v0.63 819   14 years pjkersha Included DistUtils?
stable-TI12-security-v0.64 852   14 years pjkersha
stable-TI12-security-v0.65 966   14 years pjkersha Added into release for Mike at PML to pick up.
stable-TI12-security-v0.67 1039   14 years pjkersha SecurityCGI class added.
stable-TI12-security-v0.68 1217   14 years pjkersha Added fix for ticket #330
stable-TI12-security-v0.71-ALPHA 1258   14 years pjkersha Tagged Alpha release
stable-TI12-security-v0.72 1327   14 years pjkersha Fixes following alpha.
start 384   16 years anonymous This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'start'.
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