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Custom files for each data centre. The directory structure reflects that of the installation.
In each case, conf/ contains the map configuration file.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3    <trusted name="BADC">
4        <wsdl>bodcAttAuthorityURI</wsdl>
5        <role remote="aBADCrole" local="aBODCrole"/>
6    </trusted>
7    <trusted name="NOCS">
8        <wsdl>nocsAttAuthorityURI</wsdl>
9        <role remote="anNOCSrole" local="anotherBODCrole"/>
10    </trusted>
11    <trusted name="PML">
12        <wsdl>pmlAttAuthorityURI</wsdl>
13        <role remote="aPMLrole" local="yetAnotherBODCrole"/>
14        <role remote="anotherPMLrole" local="andAnotherBODCrole"/>
15    </trusted>
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