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Upload working prototype index config, and move xqueryLib under "eXist specific"

1<collection xmlns="">
2        <!-- Defines a bunch of indexes for collections of MOLES records.
3                 This file should be stored into collection /db/system/config/db/<collection-name> as <collection-name>.xconf, or integrated into the existing xconf if one already exists
4                                 KDO - 20070503
5        -->
6    <index xmlns:moles=''>
7       <create path="//moles:dgMetadataID" type="xs:string"/>
8        <create path="//moles:dgMetadataID/moles:schemeIdentifier" type="xs:string"/>
9        <create path="//moles:dgMetadataID/moles:repositoryIdentifier" type="xs:string"/>
10        <create path="//moles:dgMetadataID/moles:localIdentifier" type="xs:string"/>
11    </index>
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