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Revision 1958, 604 bytes checked in by lawrence, 14 years ago (diff)

Refactoring discovery wsgi for cleaner service binding. (Done, but
there will be implications for wsgi browse which may now be broken,
but I can't test it til the database is updated).

1class renderService:
2    def __init__(self,config):
3        self.config=config
4    def get(self,service):
5        if service.contentType not in ['NDG_A_Service','NDG_B_Service','DISCOVERY']:
6            section='RELATED'
7        else: section=service.contentType
8        icon=self.config.get(section,'icon')
9        alt=self.config.get(section,'icon_alt')
10        if service.description=='':
11            d=self.config.get(section,'title')
12        else: d=service.description
13        return '<a href="%s" title="%s"><img src="%s" alt="%s"/></a>'%(
14                service.url,service.description,icon,alt)
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