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2<h3> NDG Search Interface </h3>
4<h4> Background </h4>
6<p>The NDG serach interface allows one to search the contents of the NERC DataGrid catalogue.
7The catalogue is populated with "discovery" metadata, not with data themselves, but the
8response sets include links which should lead the user to the datasets of interest</p>
10<p> The metadata has been harvested from data providers, normally daily. Not all data providers are
11within the NERC datagrid, and not all will provide the same data services.</p>
13<h4> Searching </h4>
15<p> Free text searches may use xpath wild carding, such as ... </p>
17<h4> Understanding the Result sets </h4>
19<p> The links in each response entry are
21<li> D - to a reformatted version of the discovery metadata harvested from the original data centre</li>
22<li> R - to links presented within the discovery metadata. There may be multiple such links.</li>
23<li> A - if present, should link to a service allowing browsing of the data itself </li>
24<li> B - if present, should link to a service allowing browsing of context metadata </li>
26Note that unless the original data provider is within the NERC DataGrid, A and B services are unlikely
27to appear, although services with similar functionality may appear as R links. </p>
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