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2   Starting with release 2.1.0 it is possible to implement a private
3   authentication mechanism without. The private authentication mode
4   disables all the other authentication modes (standard, ssh and
5   certificates).
7    On the client side
9   Write your authentication code in the file bbftp/bbftp_private_user.c.
11     * extern char *username;
12       This variable contains the username given on the command line (-u
13       option).
14     * extern char *privatestr;
15       This variable contains the string given on the command line with
16       the -P option (or NULL if not used).
17     * int bbftp_private_getargs(char *logmessage)
18       This routine is called at the begining of the login sequence (just
19       before setting the process in background if needed) in order to
20       allow the programmer to set variables or to request input from the
21       user.
22       The return code and the variables are explained in the file.
23       After having called this routine the main program will exchange
24       RSA keys with the server in order to crypt all messages sent
25       during the authentication procedure. Then the hand will be given
26       to the next routine :
27     * int bbftp_private_auth(char *logmessage)
28       This routine will allow the user exchange data between the client
29       and the server. For that it will use two routines
30       bbftp_private_recv and bbftp_private_send whose descriptions are
31       given in the bbftp_private_user.c file.
32       When all this data exchange has ended, the routine will return to
33       main code with a return code of 0 in case of success or with a
34       return code of -1 and the string logmessage filled in case of
35       error.
37    On the server side
39   Write your authentication code in the file
40   bbftpd/bbftpd_private_user.c.
42     * extern char currentusername[MAXLEN];
43       It has to be filled by the bbftpd_private_auth routine.
44     * int bbftpd_private_auth(char *logmessage)
45       As on the client side, this routine will exchange data using
46       bbftpd_private_send and bbftpd_private_recv routines (whose
47       decriptions are given in the bbftpd_private_user.c file), do all
48       checks needed and return 0 in case of success or -1 and the string
49       logmessage filled in case of error.
51    Building BBFTP with a private authentication module
53    On the client side
55   In the bbftpc directory, run
56   % ./configure --enable-authentication=private
58   Then run:
59   % make
61   Then run:
62   % make install
64    On the server side
66   In the bbftpd directory, run
67   % ./configure --enable-authentication=private
69   Then run:
70   % make
72   Then run:
73   % make install
75   See the installation pages for the client and for the server for more
76   information about the BBFTP build process.
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