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2    Zlib
4   This software allows BBFTP to compress/uncompress data on-the-fly.
5   It can be downloaded at The recommended
6   version is 1.1.4 which fixes a potential security problem.
7   This library is optional for both client and server.
8   The default behavior of the BBFTP build process is to search Zlib
9   automatically.
11    OpenSSL
13   This software allows BBFTP to encrypt user connection details (user
14   name + password) when using the standard authentication method.
15   It can be downloaded at
16   This library is optional for BBFTP client. It is mandatory for BBFTP
17   server except in certificates mode (The Globus Toolkit includes it).
18   The default behavior of the BBFTP build process is to search OpenSSL
19   automatically.
21    Globus Toolkit 2
23   This software allows BBFTP to use certificates as authentication mode.
24   The recommended version is Globus Toolkit 2.4.3. It is divided into
25   several components. The one needed by BBFTP is GSI (Grid Security
26   Infrastructure) Bundle. It can be downloaded at
27 or directly
29   s-gsi-2.4.3-src_bundle.tar.gz.
30   Security updates must be installed as well (download at:
32   Theses libraries are mandatory when using certificates.
33   If BBFTP is built in certificate mode, the default behavior of the
34   build process is to search GSI automatically, else GSI is not included
35   in the build process.
37    AFS
39   BBFTP is interfaced with AFS so that password entered in standard
40   authentication mode is handled by AFS.
41   By default, AFS is not included in the build process.
43    RFIO
45   This software allows BBFTP to access files directly from the
46   hierarchical storage systems HPSS or Castor.
47   RFIO64 is also supported.
48   The default behavior of the BBFTP build process is to search RFIO
49   automatically.
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