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Semantic Search support in discovery
(Hopefully this is all the relevant files, my sandbox is in a bit of a

[2763]1<html py:extends="'ndgPage.kid'" xmlns="" xmlns:py="">
2    <body>
3        <div id="SemanticSearchResults">
[3069]4            <span py:if="c.narrower!=[] or c.broader!=[]">You could also try </span>
5            <span py:if="c.narrower !=[]">
6                narrower search(s): <span py:for="i,url in c.narrower"><a href="$url">$i</a>&nbsp;</span>
7            </span>
8            <span py:if="c.narrower !=[] and c.broader!=[]">;</span>
9            <span py:if="c.broader !=[]">
10                broader search(s): <span py:for="i,url in c.broader"><a href="$url">$i</a>&nbsp;</span>
11            </span>
12            <span py:if="c.narrower==[] and c.broader==[]">No alternatives available</span>
[2763]13        </div>
14    </body>
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