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Adjust templates to use new, selectedItem object.
Extend scripts to cope with multiple KML and WMC URLs - these are
presented in the selections table on separate rows allowing their
individual selection when creating aggregated KML/WMC docs. NB,
selected docs which don't have relevant KML/WMC info are ignored.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<kml xmlns="" xmlns:py="">
3  <Folder>
4        <name>Aggregation of KML documents by NDG Portal</name>
5    <visibility>0</visibility>
6        <open>0</open>
7        <description>The NetworkLink KML resources are those selected by the user when creating the document in the NDG portal (include URL?)</description>
8    <for py:for="i in session['selectedItems']" py:strip="True">
9            <span py:if="i.kmlURL">
10                    <NetworkLink >
11                        <name>${i.title}</name>
12                        <visibility>0</visibility>
13                        <open>0</open>
14                        <description>${i.title} - aggregated by the NDG Portal</description>
15                        <refreshVisibility>0</refreshVisibility>
16                        <flyToView>0</flyToView>
17                        <Link>
18                                <href>
19                                        ${i.kmlURL}
20                                </href>
21                        </Link>
22                </NetworkLink>
23        </span>
24    </for>
25  </Folder>
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