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Revision 3747, 853 bytes checked in by cbyrom, 12 years ago (diff)

Fix Con Terra integration of web client:
Added new template, conterra_xmlconfig.kid to do the creation of
the xmlConfig data to POST.
Changed conterra_aggregate to contain a form which automatically
POSTs a request with the xmlConfig data, when the template is rendered.
Extended selectedItems to include conterra_aggegrage.kid - so that
the selections page is redrawn following a POST to the conterra client.
Also updated the wms_util and WMC python scripts to extract the
required data for the new Con Terra input formats.

1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
2<pos:IMCPostConfig SRS='EPSG:4326' xmlns:pos='' xmlns:py="" >
3        <pos:Map ImageFormat='image/png'>
4        <for py:for="wms in c.wms" py:strip="True">
5                        <pos:WMService url="${wms}">
6                        <for py:for="layer in c.wms[wms]" py:strip="True">
7                                        <pos:AddLayer visible='true'>${layer}</pos:AddLayer>
8                        </for>
9                        </pos:WMService>
10                </for>
11                <pos:InitialExtent MinX='-180' MinY='-90' MaxX='180' MaxY='90'></pos:InitialExtent>
12        </pos:Map>
13        <pos:OverviewMap ImageFormat='image/png'>
14                <pos:WMService url="">
15                        <pos:AddLayer visible='true'>Countries</pos:AddLayer>
16                        <pos:AddLayer visible='true'>GreatBritain</pos:AddLayer>
17                </pos:WMService>
18        </pos:OverviewMap>
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