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1<html py:extends="'ndgPage.kid'" xmlns="" xmlns:py="">
2    <!-- provides the main introduction and "advanced" search page -->
3    <head>
4      <replace py:replace="pagehead()"/>
6      <script src="$g.server/js/OpenLayers.js"/>
7      <script src="$g.server/js/openlayers-x.js"/>
8      <script src="$g.server/js/OLMapBox.js"/>
9      <script type="text/javascript">
10        var app = null;
11        function initOLMapBox() {
12          app = new OLMapBoxApp('map','discoForm', 440, 10);
13        }
14      </script>
16    </head>
17    <body onload="initOLMapBox()">
18    <div id="entirepage">
19        <div py:replace="header1(0)"/>
20        <!--! The if on the call to the left panel needs to be here for subtle css reasons
21        <div py:if="'ndgSec' in session" py:replace="leftpanel()" id="Left"/>-->
22        <div py:replace="PageTabs('Search')"/>
23        <div class="outer">
24            <div class="inner">
25                <form action="$c.discoveryURL" name="discoForm" id="discoForm">
26                <div class="float-wrap">
27                    <div id="AdvContent">
28                        <div class="contentWrap">
29                            <p>The NERC Data Discovery Service allows you to find data resources held within the NERC DataGrid (NDG) catalogue. 
30                            The catalogue makes data discovery easier as it connects data held in managed archives and other initiatives.</p>
31                            <p>It is populated with 'discovery' metadata (information about data sets) harvested on a regular basis from the
32                            NERC Data Centres and other providers in the UK and worldwide. </p>
33                            <p>Choose one or more search categories to query the catalogue and return data sets of interest. 
34                            Links to further information and/or data access are provided in the responses.</p>
35                            <div class="searchHdr">Free text search <span py:replace="helpIcon('fts_help')"/></div>
36                            <div id="fts_help" class="hidden" >
37                                <div class="helptxt">
38                                 <p>Free text search looks through the entire database of discovery documents, or it can be limited
39                                    to the Author (dataset creator), or Parameter fields</p>
40                                    <p> Note that it is possible to get a document returned which apparently does not include the
41                                    search term; this can occur when the html view does not reflect the entire document content.
42                                    The document pages include links to fuller and more original versions in viewable XML if you
43                                    suspect this is occurring and wish to track down obscure matches.</p>
44                                </div>
45                            </div>
46                            <div class="SearchBox">
47                                <label for="searchString"><input name="searchString" type="text" id="searchString" size="25" value="$c.searchString"/></label>
48                                <label for="textTarget"><select name="textTarget" id="textTarget">
49                                <option value="All" selected="selected">All</option>
50                                <option value="Authors">Authors</option>
51                                <option value="Params">Parameters</option> </select></label>
52                            </div>
53                           <div class="searchHdr">Temporal coverage (YYYY MM DD)&nbsp;<span py:replace="helpIcon('temcov_help')"/></div>
54                           <div id="temcov_help" class="hidden">
55                            <div class="helptxt">
56                            <p>You can find datasets which have data within a specific time range by using the temporal coverage</p>
57                            </div>
58                           </div>
59                           <div class="SearchStartDate">
60                                <span class="SearchTxt">Start date</span>
61                                <input type="text" value="$c.startDateYear" size="4" name="startDateYear"/>
62                                <input type="text" value="$c.startDateMon" size="2" name="startDateMon"/>
63                                <input type="text" value="$c.startDateDay" size="2" name="startDateDay"/></div>
64                           <div class="SearchEndDate">
65                                <span class="SearchTxt">End date&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>
66                                <input type="text" value="$c.endDateYear" size="4" name="endDateYear"/>
67                                <input type="text" value="$c.endDateMon" size="2" name="endDateMon"/>
68                                <input type="text" value="$c.endDateDay" size="2" name="endDateDay"/></div>     
69                           <div class="searchHdr">Source data providers <span py:replace="helpIcon('datpro_help')"/></div>
70                           <div id="datpro_help" class="hidden">
71                           <div class="helptxt"><p>Your search can be limited to NERC data centres alone</p></div></div>
72                           <div class="SearchSource">
73                               <label for="All"><input type="radio" name="source" value="All" id="All" checked="checked" />All</label>
74                               &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
75                               <label for="nercddc"><input type="radio" name="source" value="NERC_DDC" id="nercddc" />NERC Data Centres only</label>
76                           </div><br/>                 
77                            <div id="SearchSubmit"><input name="Search" type="submit" value="Search" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
78                            <input name="ClearForm" type="submit" value="Clear form" /></div><br />
79                        </div>
80                    </div> <!-- end centered AdvContent div -->
81                    <div id="innerLeft"></div>
82                    <!-- end left div -->
83                    <div class="clear"></div>
84                </div> <!--float wrap -->
85                <div id="innerRight">
86                    <?python
87                    #Search Types
88                    sps=[['overlaps','overlaps'],['does not overlap','doesNotOverlap'],['is within','within']]
89                    ?>
90                    <div class="searchHdr">Spatial coverage <span py:replace="helpIcon('spacov_help')"/></div>
91                    <table>
92                    <tr><td colspan="3">Look for data which
93                        <select name="geoSearchType">${XML(h.options_for_select(sps,c.geoSearchType))}</select>
94                    the search region.</td></tr>
95                        <tr>
96                        <td colspan="3">
97                        <div id="map"></div>
98                            <div id="spacov_help" class="hidden">
99                                <div class="helptxt">
100                                <p> The default search is a global search. You can select a limited geospatial region using either the text boxes or the map.
101                                 The default is to limit to datasets which overlap with a search region, but you can also aim to find only the datasets
102                                 within the search region, or which <b>don't</b> overlap with the search region too. </p>
103                                 <p> Or at least that's what should happen. Right now (December 3, 2007) only "overlaps" works!</p></div>
104                            </div>
105                    </td></tr>
106                    <tr><td>Northerly Latitude:</td>
107                        <td colspan="2" align="center">
108                                <input size="7" value="${c.bbox[0]}" name="bboxN"/>
109                        </td></tr>
110                    <tr><td>Longitudinal Extent:</td>
111                        <td align="center"><input size="8" value="${c.bbox[1]}" name="bboxW"/></td>
112                        <td align="center"><input size="8" value="${c.bbox[2]}" name="bboxE"/></td></tr>
113                    <tr><td> Southerly Latitude:</td>
114                        <td colspan="2" align="center">
115                            <input size="7" value="${c.bbox[3]}" name="bboxS"/>
116                        </td></tr>
117                        <tr><td colspan="3">(Units: degrees, north and east positive)</td></tr>
118                    </table>
119                </div> <!-- end right div -->
120                <div class="clear"></div>
121                </form>
122            </div> <!-- inner -->
123        </div> <!-- outer -->
124        <div py:replace="footer()"/>
125    </div>
126    </body>
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