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Initial Integration of Single Sign On Service with OpenID and Pylons AuthKit?:

  • WAYF now contains an OpenID textbox for sign in
  • No role integration carried out yet - OpenID has no better privileges than an anonymous user(!)
  • Integrated into Authkit - requires lots of config settings in pylons ini file
  • HTTP 401 error get redirected automatically to WAYF
  • Need to create an AuthKit? egg from SVN 151 checkout - will put on NDG dist

SWITCH OFF security by setting standalone = False in ndgDiscovery.

1from ows_server.lib.base import *
2import logging
3log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
5class WayfController(BaseController):
6    def index(self):
7        abort(401)
9#    from import WayfController as\
10#        _WayfController
12#    class WayfController(_WayfController):
13#        '''Provides the pylons controller for Where Are You From.  This is a
14#        wrapper class.  - All functionality is provided from
15# the NDG Security Single Sign On Service
16#        package'''
18#except ImportError, e:
19#    from warnings import warn
20#    warn("Importing WayfController for Single Sign On Service: %s" % e,
21#         RuntimeWarning)
23#    # Default to base version to avoid an exception if 'wayf' is invoked       
24#    class WayfController(BaseController):
25#        ''' Raise a 404 error for case where Single Sign ON Service is disabled
26#        '''       
27#        def index(self):
28#  "Single Sign On Service is disabled setting 404 error...")
29#            abort(404)
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