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12<H1 LANG="en-GB">The Data Extractor (DX) Administrator's Guide</H1>
13<H2 LANG="en-GB">Introduction</H2>
14<P LANG="en-GB">This document is one of a series of documents
15describing how to set up and use the Data Extractor (DX). Further
16information is, or soon will be, available in the following guides:</P>
18        <LI><P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="margin-bottom: 0cm"><B>DX Overview</B></P>
19        <LI><P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="margin-bottom: 0cm"><B>DX Installation
20        Guide</B> 
21        </P>
22        <LI><P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="margin-bottom: 0cm"><B>DX Data Ingestion
23        Guide</B></P>
24        <LI><P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="margin-bottom: 0cm"><B>DX User Guide</B> 
25        </P>
26        <LI><P LANG="en-GB"><B>Guide to Securing the DX</B> 
27        </P>
29<H2 LANG="en-GB">Purpose of this document
31<P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="font-weight: medium">The role of the DX
32Administrator is to configure and install the package(s), and to
33control ingestion of datasets into the DX. Most of this information
34is located in the other guides listed above. However, there are a
35number of issues not covered elsewhere that will be of use to the DX
36Administrator. This document provides:</P>
38        <LI><P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="font-weight: medium">information about
39        the DX configuration files</P>
40        <LI><P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="font-weight: medium">a list of issues
41        that might arise with explanations and solutions</P>
43<H2 LANG="en-GB">The DX configuration files</H2>
44<P LANG="en-GB">The DX configuration files allow the Administrator to
45modify the look and content of the DX. There is a configuration file
46for both the server and client packages to allow them to run entirely
47independently. You can also create more configuration files if you
48wish to run multiple clients/servers.</P>
49<H3 LANG="en-GB">Server:</H3>
50<P LANG="en-GB">The DX server's configuration information is held in
51the <I>dxs/configs/</I><SPAN STYLE="font-style: normal">
52file. You may choose to move this elsewhere but initially you will
53find the file in this location. The web service interface file
54</SPAN><I>dxs/bin/</I><SPAN STYLE="font-style: normal">
55picks up this configuration file by providing its location as the
56only command-line argument. The purpose of this set-up is to allow a
57single machine to run more than one DX if required, each calling a
58different configuration with different datasets etc.</SPAN></P>
59<P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="font-style: normal">The ***</P>
60<P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="font-style: normal"><BR><BR>
62<H3 LANG="en-GB">Client:</H3>
63<P LANG="en-GB" STYLE="font-style: normal">The DX client's
64configuration information is held in the <I>dxc/configs/</I>
65file. You may choose to move this elsewhere but initially you will
66find the file in this location. The installation process adds the
67location of the configuration file to the code in the <I>dxui</I>
68client script that runs on your webserver. As with the server
69configuration you can run more than one DX client.</P>
70<H2 LANG="en-GB">Other issues and problems</H2>
71<H3 LANG="en-GB">Enabling CSML support</H3>
73<H3 LANG="en-GB">Enabling ASCII (NASA Ames) output</H3>
74<P LANG="en-GB">nappy is needed –
76<P LANG="en-GB">need a configuration setting ENABLE_NASA_AMES=1</P>
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