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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<schema xmlns:ows="" xmlns="" targetNamespace="" elementFormDefault="qualified" version="1.0.0" xml:lang="en">
3        <annotation>
4                <appinfo>owsGetCapabilities.xsd 2005-01-25</appinfo>
5                <documentation>
6                        <description>This XML Schema defines the GetCoverage operation request and response XML elements and types, which are common to all OWSs. This XML Schema shall be edited by each OWS, for example, to specify a specific value for the "service" attribute. Primary editor: Arliss Whiteside. </description>
7                        <copyright>Copyright (c) Open Geospatial Consortium (2005) </copyright>
8                </documentation>
9        </annotation>
10        <!-- ==============================================================
11                includes and imports
12        ============================================================== -->
13        <include schemaLocation="owsServiceIdentification.xsd"/>
14        <include schemaLocation="owsServiceProvider.xsd"/>
15        <include schemaLocation="owsOperationsMetadata.xsd"/>
16        <!-- ==============================================================
17                elements and types
18        ============================================================== -->
19        <complexType name="CapabilitiesBaseType">
20                <annotation>
21                        <documentation>XML encoded GetCapabilities operation response. This document provides clients with service metadata about a specific service instance, usually including metadata about the tightly-coupled data served. If the server does not implement the updateSequence parameter, the server shall always return the complete Capabilities document, without the updateSequence parameter. When the server implements the updateSequence parameter and the GetCapabilities operation request included the updateSequence parameter with the current value, the server shall return this element with only the "version" and "updateSequence" attributes. Otherwise, all optional elements shall be included or not depending on the actual value of the Contents parameter in the GetCapabilities operation request. This base type shall be extended by each specific OWS to include the additional contents needed. </documentation>
22                </annotation>
23                <sequence>
24                        <element ref="ows:ServiceIdentification" minOccurs="0"/>
25                        <element ref="ows:ServiceProvider" minOccurs="0"/>
26                        <element ref="ows:OperationsMetadata" minOccurs="0"/>
27                </sequence>
28                <attribute name="version" type="ows:VersionType" use="required"/>
29                <attribute name="updateSequence" type="ows:UpdateSequenceType" use="optional"/>
30        </complexType>
31        <!-- =========================================================== -->
32        <element name="GetCapabilities" type="ows:GetCapabilitiesType"/>
33        <!-- =========================================================== -->
34        <complexType name="GetCapabilitiesType">
35                <annotation>
36                        <documentation>XML encoded GetCapabilities operation request. This operation allows clients to retrieve service metadata about a specific service instance. In this XML encoding, no "request" parameter is included, since the element name specifies the specific operation. This base type shall be extended by each specific OWS to include the additional required "service" attribute, with the correct value for that OWS. </documentation>
37                </annotation>
38                <sequence>
39                        <element name="AcceptVersions" type="ows:AcceptVersionsType" minOccurs="0">
40                                <annotation>
41                                        <documentation>When omitted, server shall return latest supported version. </documentation>
42                                </annotation>
43                        </element>
44                        <element name="Sections" type="ows:SectionsType" minOccurs="0">
45                                <annotation>
46                                        <documentation>When omitted or not supported by server, server shall return complete service metadata (Capabilities) document. </documentation>
47                                </annotation>
48                        </element>
49                        <element name="AcceptFormats" type="ows:AcceptFormatsType" minOccurs="0">
50                                <annotation>
51                                        <documentation>When omitted or not supported by server, server shall return service metadata document using the MIME type "text/xml". </documentation>
52                                </annotation>
53                        </element>
54                </sequence>
55                <attribute name="updateSequence" type="ows:UpdateSequenceType" use="optional">
56                        <annotation>
57                                <documentation>When omitted or not supported by server, server shall return latest complete service metadata document. </documentation>
58                        </annotation>
59                </attribute>
60        </complexType>
61        <!-- =========================================================== -->
62        <!-- =========================================================== -->
63        <simpleType name="ServiceType">
64                <annotation>
65                        <documentation>Service type identifier, where the string value is the OWS type abbreviation, such as "WMS" or "WFS". </documentation>
66                </annotation>
67                <restriction base="string"/>
68        </simpleType>
69        <!-- ========================================================= -->
70        <complexType name="AcceptVersionsType">
71                <annotation>
72                        <documentation>Prioritized sequence of one or more specification versions accepted by client, with preferred versions listed first. See Version negotiation subclause for more information. </documentation>
73                </annotation>
74                <sequence>
75                        <element name="Version" type="ows:VersionType" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
76                </sequence>
77        </complexType>
78        <!-- =========================================================== -->
79        <complexType name="SectionsType">
80                <annotation>
81                        <documentation>Unordered list of zero or more names of requested sections in complete service metadata document. Each Section value shall contain an allowed section name as specified by each OWS specification. See Sections parameter subclause for more information.  </documentation>
82                </annotation>
83                <sequence>
84                        <element name="Section" type="string" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
85                </sequence>
86        </complexType>
87        <!-- =========================================================== -->
88        <simpleType name="UpdateSequenceType">
89                <annotation>
90                        <documentation>Service metadata document version, having values that are "increased" whenever any change is made in service metadata document. Values are selected by each server, and are always opaque to clients. See updateSequence parameter use subclause for more information. </documentation>
91                </annotation>
92                <restriction base="string"/>
93        </simpleType>
94        <!-- =========================================================== -->
95        <complexType name="AcceptFormatsType">
96                <annotation>
97                        <documentation>Prioritized sequence of zero or more GetCapabilities operation response formats desired by client, with preferred formats listed first. Each response format shall be identified by its MIME type. See AcceptFormats parameter use subclause for more information. </documentation>
98                </annotation>
99                <sequence>
100                        <element name="OutputFormat" type="ows:MimeType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
101                </sequence>
102        </complexType>
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