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Namespaces are now handled properly (I think!). Also added new file to show how to add new elements to a pre-existing MOLES document

1#!/usr/bin/env python
2import csml.parser
3import cElementTree
4import elementtree.ElementTree as etree
5import molesReadWrite as MRW
8def main():
9    M=MRW.MolesDoc()
10    #read in XML to python
11    tree=cElementTree.ElementTree(file='test.xml')
12    dgMeta=MRW.dgMetadata()
13    dgMeta.fromXML(tree.getroot())
15    #Example of adding a new dgStructuredKeyword to an existing moles xml doc using addChildElem
16    strValidTerm='TEST 2nd kword climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere'
17    strParentID='2 ISO 19115 - Geographic Information Metadata Topic Category Code List'
18    strTermID='2004'
19    dgVTID=M.dgValidTermID(ParentListID=strParentID, TermID=strTermID)
20    dgSK=M.dgStructuredKeyword(dgValidTerm=strValidTerm, dgValidTermID=dgVTID)
21    dgMeta.dgMetadataRecord.addChildElem('dgStructuredKeyword', dgSK)
23    #regenerate XML from python
24    molestree=dgMeta.toXML()
25    moles=csml.parser_extra.PrettyPrint(molestree)
26    print '\n \n \n AFTER PARSING'
27    print moles   
29if __name__=='__main__':
30    main()
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