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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<Dataset xmlns="" xmlns:gml="" xmlns:om="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xlink="" xsi:schemaLocation="
4        <PhenomenonDefinitions gml:id="CFStandardNames">
5                <gml:name>CFStandardNames</gml:name>
6                <gml:dictionaryEntry>
7                        <om:Phenomenon gml:id="air_potential_temperature">
8                                <gml:description>Potential temperature is the temperature a parcel of air or sea water would have if moved adiabatically to sea level pressure.</gml:description>
9                                <gml:name codeSpace="">air_potential_temperature</gml:name>
10                                <gml:name codeSpace="GRIB">13</gml:name>
11                                <gml:name codeSpace="PCMDI">theta</gml:name>
12                        </om:Phenomenon>
13                </gml:dictionaryEntry>
14                <gml:dictionaryEntry>
15                        <om:Phenomenon gml:id="atmosphere_cloud_condensed_water_content">
16                                <gml:description>"condensed_water" means liquid and ice. "Content" indicates a quantity per unit area. The "atmosphere content" of a quantity refers to the vertical integral from the surface to the top of the atmosphere. For the content between specified levels in the atmosphere, standard names including content_of_atmosphere_layer are used.</gml:description>
17                                <gml:name codeSpace="">atmosphere_cloud_condensed_water_content</gml:name>
18                                <gml:name codeSpace="GRIB">76</gml:name>
19                                <gml:name codeSpace="PCMDI">clwvi</gml:name>
20                        </om:Phenomenon>
21                </gml:dictionaryEntry>
22                <gml:dictionaryEntry>
23                        <om:Phenomenon gml:id="baroclinic_eastward_sea_water_velocity">
24                                <gml:description>A velocity is a vector quantity. "Eastward" indicates a vector component which is positive increasing eastward (negative westward).</gml:description>
25                                <gml:name codeSpace="">baroclinic_eastward_sea_water_velocity</gml:name>
26                        </om:Phenomenon>
27                </gml:dictionaryEntry>
28                <gml:dictionaryEntry>
29                        <om:Phenomenon gml:id="brightness_temperature">
30                                <gml:description>The brightness temperature of a body is the temperature of a black body which radiates the same power per unit solid angle per unit area.</gml:description>
31                                <gml:name codeSpace="">brightness_temperature</gml:name>
32                                <gml:name codeSpace="GRIB">118</gml:name>
33                        </om:Phenomenon>
34                </gml:dictionaryEntry>
35        </PhenomenonDefinitions>
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