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proof of concept for CSML v2 parser, baseclass now does all the from/to XML so the other classes are just schema mappings.

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<Dataset xmlns="" xmlns:gml="" xmlns:om="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xlink="" xsi:schemaLocation="
3../XMLSchemas/CSMLAppSchema.xsd" gml:id="TestDataset">
4        <NetCDFExtract gml:id="feat04azimuth">
5            <arraySize>10000</arraySize>
6            <fileName></fileName>
7            <variableName>2az</variableName>
8        </NetCDFExtract>
9        <NetCDFExtract gml:id="2feat04azimuth">
10            <arraySize>210000</arraySize>
11            <fileName></fileName>
12            <variableName>az</variableName>
13        </NetCDFExtract>
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