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Modified schema for NumSim to support xhtml

1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<NS_Simulated xmlns:xsi=""
3    xmlns:moles=""
4    xmlns:xlink="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="" Version="0.9">
5    <!-- Note that this is a handcoded example XML file which should not be regarded as
6        authoratative about the COAPEC 500 year run, Bryan Lawrence, September 2005 -->
7    <NS_Experiment>
8        <NS_ID >
9            <moles:schemeIdentifier>NumSim</moles:schemeIdentifier>
10            <moles:repositoryIdentifier></moles:repositoryIdentifier>
11            <moles:localIdentifier>Iwi_500YrRun</moles:localIdentifier>
12        </NS_ID>
13        <NS_Description>This is a 500 year HadCM3 control integration performed with UM version 4.5
14            on a Linux Beowulf Cluster for the COAPEC programme. It is intended for use as a control
15            integration for perturbation experiments performed on the Beowulf cluster "Lewis" on
16            which it was run, and also for other statistical studies. This run is a 64-bit precision
17            run. No air-sea flux correction was used although a salinity correction was imposed.</NS_Description>
18        <NS_BoundaryCondition NS_Type="Preindustrial">
19            <NS_Description>Green house gases were held at preindustrial levels</NS_Description>
20        </NS_BoundaryCondition>
21        <NS_BoundaryCondition NS_Type="Present Day">
22            <NS_Description>Apart from greenhouse gases, other boundary conditions (solar irradiance
23                sulpher etc) are present day and not varying as is possible with this
24            model.</NS_Description>
25        </NS_BoundaryCondition>
26        <NS_InitialCondition NS_Type="Unknown">
27            <NS_Description>The initial condition in this run used an initial condition from a
28                previous spin up run with a date of 2789. While this date is arbitrary it reflects a
29                greater level of spin-up equilibration than previous long runs of HadCM3. The ocean
30                was at some point initialized directly from the Levitus et al (1994, 1995) observed
31                ocean state at rest, with a suitable atmospheric and sea ice state.</NS_Description>
32        </NS_InitialCondition>
33    </NS_Experiment>
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