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Getting ISO19139 drafts and GML into the repository.
(This is all publicly available on the internet, so this
is just making it easy for our development. It probably
ought not be exported as part of releases without checking

1ISO19139 is still not released, so this is a prerelease version.
2This copy of iso19139 taken from the seegrid subversion repository using:
3svn co
5For some reason my copy of oxygen can't get at the opengis
6versions of gml and xlink, so I grabbed copies of those
7locally (to this directory).
9Further changes required to make those the versions used
10(rather than the ones on were):
1227/03/06, bnl in gco/basicTypes.xsd, comment out the opengis
13and add the local gml copies into the imports via copies
14downloaded from opengis.
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