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changed namespace. Added ndgDataProvider.

[863]1#Note - don't have any blank lines in this config file
[721]2# Define host_OAI as the string that OAI adds to the filenames after harvesting
[863]4host_OAI =
6#Define host_path as the full directory name where this data centre's records will be harvested into.
[1481]7host_path /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/webapps/oai/WEB-INF/harvested_records/grid-bodc-nerc-ac-uk-dif-ndg_bodc
9#Define groups - portal groups for limiting searches by 'group of datacentres'.
[1889]10groups NERC-DDC MDIP
12#Define which format is harvested from the data centre (one only)
[1889]13format DIF
15#Define the data providers namespace
[1971]17#Say whether this is a full NDG data Provider who uses NDG identifiers etc.
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