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Adding files from v4.2.0 tag to form basis for v4.3.0 version

2OAI Document ingest command line tool + supporting code library.
4@author: Calum Byrom, Tessella, Jun 2008
6from setuptools import setup, find_packages
9                name='oai_document_ingester',
10        version='0.1.0',
11        packages=find_packages(),
12                install_requires=[ 
13                                          "ndgCommon",
14                                          "pygresql"
15                                          ],
16        author = 'Calum Byrom',
17                include_package_data=True,
18        author_email="",
19        license = 'LGPL',
20        description = 'Command line tool for ingesting OAI harvested documents into the discovery postgres DB',
21            long_description='''
22            The oai_document_ingester script retrieves documents from the OAI harvested directories and ingests them
23            into the discovery postgres DB.  As part of this process, the doc is transformed into its moles version
24            - this is then used to: a) extract the spatiotemporal, authors and keywords info and add this to the DB for
25            searching on; and b) create and store the doc in all the required other formats, using the various XPATH transforms
26            (excuted using the saxon java lib).
27 '''
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