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After retrieving too many records the search have to update some fields on the DB, these updates were making the Axis response too slow. Now the update is managed by a new thread.
Version 1.2.4

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1config.not.loaded.error = The configuration file {0} has not been loaded
2config.not.found.error = The configuration file {0} has not been found
3datasource.not.available = The datasource {0} is not available
4sql.execution.error = Error occurred during the execution of the following SQL\: \n {0}
5sql.feature.not.supported=Feature not supported
6sql.resultset.parsing.error = Error occurred parsing the result from the following SQL\: \n {0}
7sql.command = Executing \n {0}
8invocation.error = The command {0} generated an unexpected exception
9context.not.available = No context is available
10search.successful = Successful.
11present.successful = Successful. = Search was successful but generated no results.
13internal.server.error = Server error. Please report the SOAP query to the administrator
14client.ip = The client ip is {0} = "Invalid list name: please use getListNames to get the valid list names";
16empty.searchcriteria = "SearchCriteria cannot be empty"; = "The Term ---> {0} <---- has wrong syntax";
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