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Add new template package to house the trackback templates + create
new template, trackback.html, for genshi, to allow receipts of
trackback references to be sent.

1<html xmlns="" 
2        xmlns:py=""
3        xmlns:xi="" py:strip="">
5<div class="headingblock" id="CorrectForm">
6        <h4>Corrections</h4>
7    <p> Please use this form to suggest changes (additions/corrections) to the metadata apearing in the record </p>
8        ${Markup(h.form(h.url_for(controller='trackback/trackback', action='correct', uri=c.uri.uri)))}
9        <table><tbody>
10        <tr><td class="cellhead">Identifier:</td><td>${Markup(c.uri.uri)}</td></tr>
11        <tr><td class="cellhead">From:</td><td>${Markup('cally')}</td></tr>
12        <tr><td colspan="2">${Markup(h.text_area("Comment","",size="80x5"))}</td></tr>
13        </tbody></table>
14        ${Markup(h.submit('Send', **{'onclick': 'Div_show("loading");'}))}
15        <input type="hidden" name="Identifier" value="${c.uri.uri}"/>
16        <input type="hidden" name="Submitter" value="cally"/>
17        ${Markup(h.end_form())}
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