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Add new trackback controller and implement methods to allow
authenticated users to post comments on metadata docs. These comments
are then emailed to the metadata maintainer and added to the
corrections feed. Control then returns to the metadata document - in
non edit form - and, in the case of moles atom docs, a pop up informs
the user that the operation has completed successfully. Also add the
required genshi templates and template methods to enable this new

1<html xmlns="" 
2        xmlns:py=""
3        xmlns:xi="" py:strip="">
5<div class="headingblock" id="CorrectForm">
6        <h4>Corrections</h4>
7    <p> Please use this form to suggest changes (additions/corrections) to the metadata apearing in the record </p>
8        ${Markup(h.form(h.url_for(controller='trackback/trackback', action='correct', uri=c.uri.uri)))}
9        <table><tbody>
10        <tr><td class="cellhead">Identifier:</td><td>${Markup(c.uri.uri)}</td></tr>
11        <tr><td class="cellhead">From:</td><td>${Markup('cally')}</td></tr>
12        <tr><td colspan="2">${Markup(h.text_area("Comment","",size="80x5"))}</td></tr>
13        </tbody></table>
14        ${Markup(h.submit('Send', **{'onclick': 'Div_show("loading");'}))}
15        <input type="hidden" name="Identifier" value="${c.uri.uri}"/>
16        <input type="hidden" name="Submitter" value="cally"/>
17        ${Markup(h.end_form())}
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