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Revision 3503, 468 bytes checked in by cbyrom, 14 years ago (diff)

Further tidy up of existing code: remove History, cart and selection templates
and remove leftPanel template function and its references. Also remove
and and clear out any associated code.

1<html py:extends="'ndgPage.kid'" xmlns="" xmlns:py="">
2    <head>
3      <replace py:replace="pagehead()"/>
4    </head>
5    <body>
6    <div id="entirepage">
7        <div py:replace="header()"/>
8        <div py:replace="PageTabs("/>
9        <div py:replace="searchOneLine()"/>
10        <div id="contents">
11            ${XML(c.xml)}
12        </div>
13        <div py:replace="footer()"/>
14    </div>
15    </body>
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